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   Welcome to The Camp Shoshana 'see us now' main page. Recognize these punims? It hasn't been that long! Every one of these faces is a piece of the Camp Shoshana tapestry. You too could be a part of this 'Wall Of Fame'. All e-mail with content for this page should be sent to Click on an image to see the page for that person.
Amy Weinsheink R. Goldstein Gerry_Sotsky Gordon Gisser Ellen Lesser Robin Cohen Wally Goetz
Lanie Weiss Camp Shoshana Jeff Indyke Roni Goodman Stacey Halio Rena Wolasky Trestman Diane Margolin
Renee Littner Laura Allen Bruce Fred Jaffe Barry Sussman Debra Sussman Stace Frank-Thea
Gerri Marcus Smith Fred Adler Ellen Karen Debbie Barbara Caryn
Jyll Ellen Jeff Ira and Janet Mark Furman Steve
The lunch photos that were here have been moved to their own page named @lunch in The Camphouse section of the site.