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Debra Sussman From: (Debra Sussman-Slotnick)
Debra Sussman-Slotnick
Mitch, Elmo and Debra
It's great to read about Camp Shoshana and the people who went there. It all brings back such good memories! I never realized how much my camp experience shaped my adult life and how important and dear these memories are to me today!
I remember Artie the swim instructor, my first counselor Mindy Hecht in 1970, playing newcombe(sp?), the craft house, the cool room, Friday oneg shabbat, "I'm Gonna Teach You a New Word Today," the coldest cokes(ever) from the coke machine, playing Trouble and spit in the camp house on rainy days, the plays, tether ball, color war, dancing to Pata Pata on the black top, etc. Does anyone remember that shoe game where you're sitting in a circle and passing the shoes around (tea` bon a shore???)?
Today, I'm 37 years old, married for almost 11 years to Mitch, have 2 beautiful daughters and live in Smithtown, NY. My kids now sing some of the camp songs that we all used to sing!!

          Debra Sussman-Slotnick

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