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Ellen Bochner From: (Ellen Bochner)
Ellen Bochner
Ellen Bochner
Seems like I went to Shoshana longer than I did . . . amazing reading other peoples' memories and seeing MY memories come pouring out of other people, too. Those Oneg songs . . .First time I went into the Rec room where my kids go to camp, WHOA!!!!!!!! Camp Shoshana just came alive to me in that moment. There were all the benches . . .there was the piano, with Sue sitting at it, teaching us a new song today . . .and there was Harry, going up and down the aisles singing "Bim Bam," clapping his hands from side to side . . .only the coke machine was missing. Damn, them were the BEST cokes I EVER had!!!!! Coldest, too!
I live in Forest Hills now, and I'm raising two kids by myself. My daughter is 13 and my son is 12. I have a store in Brooklyn and I have a business online, too.
It's good to hear about Shoshana people, and I hope to see more on the site!
Hi to everyone . . . especially Sue!
     All the best, Ellen

NOTE: Ellen and I were not at camp at the same time but she has been a good online friend helping me design the site. Thanks Ellen -- Steve

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