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The Badge   Welcome to The Camp Shoshana contact page. Those of you who are part of the Camp Shoshana legacy are welcome to send us your e-mail address and the addresses of others you are in touch with so we may add to our list. On 04/21/06 5 more e-mail addresses listed below were removed because they were no longer valid. Please help us recontact our friends! Our goal is to continue to grow this list of former campers and staff so that we can begin planning our next reunion.
Send Us Your E-mail Address And Camp Year Info Here!
To make finding the newest additions easier I put those in green text.
Name e-mail address Years At Camp
Ellen Rachlin 1960-1982/Camper, Staff
Andrew Rachlin 1962-1982/Camper, Staff

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Artie Albstein ayonkphilvn@AOL.COM 1959-1971/Camper, Staff
Laura Allen Sherry TBD
Mark Allen TBD
Lenny Bard Missing In Action 1973-1975/Staff
Glenn Belfer TBD/Camper-Staff
Wayne Belfer 1960-1974/Camper-Staff
Jennifer Blau 1976-1978/Staff
Michael Blau 1976-1978/Staff
Michael Blueglass Missing In Action TBD
Debbie Bochner Jaffe 1969-1973/Camper, Staff
Ellen Bochner 1970-1972/Camper
Randi Bochner 1970-1972/Camper
Sandy Brooks Oster 1961-1969/Camper
Karen Chernick Spivack 1960/Camper
Douglas Cohen 1975-1976/Staff
Ellen Cohen Missing In Action TBD
Jane Cohen-Kunikoff TBD
Robin Cohen Mid 1960's/Camper
Celeste Coruzzi 1975/Staff
Nancy Dwork Weissman 1964-1970/Camper
Richard Fisher 1962,1963,1966/ Staff
Howie Flatow Missing In Action 1970-1972/Camper-Staff
Stace Frank Thea 1974-1978/Camper, Staff
Mark Furman 1969-1977/Camper, Staff
Bruce Gafter 1974-1979/Camper, Staff
Walter Goetz TBD
Robin (Rich) Goldstein 1971-1972/Staff
Roni Goodman 1969-1974
Andy Graber TBD
Evan Graber Staff
Barbara Greenberg-Schwartz TBD
Barbara Greenwald Gregory TBD
Bonnie Greenwald TBD
Debi Greenwald Tarowsky 1970-1980 Camper/Staff
Marlene Greenwald Stimell 1969-1977 Camper/Staff
Wendy Greenwald Halperin TBD
Nadine Grodofsky Citron 1961, 1968-1973 Camper/Staff
Lenny Grossman Missing In Action TBD
Lori Grossman Missing In Action TBD
Peter Grossman Missing In Action TBD
Stacey Halio 1964-1975/Camper, Staff
Allen Hecht TBD
Audrey Hecht Winkler TBD
Mindy Hecht Kole 1960-1973/Camper, Staff
Lori Heyman TBD
Marni Hochberg 1976-1978/Camper
Ira Hofher 1962-1969/Camper, Staff
Phyllis Hofher Oliner 1962-1970/Camper, Staff
Jeff Indyke TBD
Fred Jaffe
1968-1974/Camper, Staff
Susan Jaskow-Fitzpatrick 1970-1975/Camper
Rahel (Robin) Jaskow Please visit
Barbara Judin 1973-1977/Camper, Staff
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Helene Kalish-Teitelbaum 1963-1969/Camper, Staff
Eric Kalmus 1976,1977/Camper
Susan Kalish Snyder 1963-1969/Camper, Staff
Janie Kasner Garnick 1962-1971/Camper, Staff
Bruce Kimmel 1978-1979/Staff
Dawn Kitz 1964 / Camper
Benzy Kogen Camper
Carole Kolodny Popa 1971-1973/Staff
Steve Kolodny 1975-1978/Staff
Ann Kowitz Fink Missing In Action 1962-1968/Camper
Helene Kramer 1977-1978/Staff
Eileen Kreisle Missing In Action TBD
Steve Kuschner TBD
Alyson Lesser TBD/Camper
Ellen Lesser TBD/Staff
Kevin Lesser TBD/Camper
Wendy Lesser TBD/Camper
Alyce Levy Riedesel Camper
Edwin Levy 1968-1976/Camper, Staff
Elaine Levy Rubin 1967-1970/Camper, Staff
Ellen Levy 1967-1970/Camper, Staff
Steve Lichtman TBD
Renee Littner Shavel 1963, 1965-1967/Staff
Sharyn Littner Linzey 1964-1967/Camper, Staff
Gerri Marcus Smith TBD
Andy Margolin TBD
Diane Margolin 1968-1978
Meryl Masters 1971
Harold Moroknek
Brian Newman Missing In Action 1972-1977/Staff
Marc Newman 1974-1980/Camper, Staff
Debbie Oberlander 1973-1976/Camper, Staff
Shari Pachman Camper
Dave Pincus 1972/Staff
Debbie Presser Goldwasser 1971/Staff
Ira Presser 1968-1978/Camper, Staff
Bruce Richland TBD
Tracy Rosenblum Sackler Missing In Action TBD
Stephen Salamon 1970-1972/Staff
Mindy Schmelzer Missing In Action 1964-1973
Marc Shapiro Missing In Action TBD
Alan Sherman TBD
Bob Sherman TBD
Karen Sherman Hoblin TBD
Karen Skoorka Kripor TBD
Ken Sobel 1967,1969/Staff
Hal Sokoloff TBD
Lynn Solomon Rymsza Camper
Jeff Sternstein 1968-1976/Camper
Jyll Sternstein Kronberg 1968-1978/Camper, Staff
David Storper 1963/Camper
Karen Storper-Levin 1968-1978/Camper, Staff
Adrienne Strauss TBD/Camper
Michele Strauss TBD/Camper
Barry Sussman 1970-1978/Camper, Staff
Debra Sussman-Slotnick 1970-1978/TBD
Amy Weinsheink (now Freisleben) 1967-1968/Camper
Amy Weinstock Jasinowski TBD/Camper
Lisa Weinstock Golden 1972-1974/Camper
Lanie Weiss-Ferraro TBD
Karen Weissman 1972-1979/Camper, Staff
Brad Wiener 1972-1977/Camper
Fran Wincott Missing In Action TBD/Camper, Staff
Ira Wincott 1969-1975/Camper, Staff
Marc Wincott TBD
Debbie Witrock Missing In Action TBD
Jason Witrock Missing In Action TBD
Jennifer Witrock Fenster Missing In Action TBD
Marjorie Wolasky Mosher TBD
Rena Wolasky Trestman TBD
Marvin Wurtzelman 1962,1966/Staff
Janet York Presser 1971-1977/Camper,Staff
Lori York Pearce Missing In Action 1964-1973/Camper, Staff
Norma Young 1970/Camper
Quick Letter | A | B | C | D | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | P | R | S | W | Y |

How about some music? Specifically, Miriam Makeba's Pata Pata. Ira Presser was kind enough to share this favorite Camp Shoshana Camphouse recording with us. These days we use a digital file instead of a 45 RPM vinyl disk. Click for Windows Media .asf format (great for Windows users), Quicktime .mov format (great for MAC users), or RealMedia .rm format (great for users with RealPlayer installed). For more on Miriam Makeba and the Pata-Pata visit The Pata-Pata Page of the songbook.
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