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Ellen From: (Ellen (Rachlin) Stockwell)
Ellen (Rachlin) Stockwell
Adam, Ellen, Justin and Eric
     Hello fellow campers and counselors. I suppose that you would all remember me, being that I am the daughter of Harry and Susan Rachlin. I attended Camp Shoshana from birth, 1960 till very end. Ouch, yes 1960, little Ellen is 41 years old now! I am happily divorced for quite a number of years now. I have three gorgeous sons; Adam age 19, Justin age 17 1/2 and Eric (who unfortunately is me reincarnated in a male version, age 13. I now reside in the City of Manassas, located in Northern Virginia. I have a job that I absolutely love, I am a med-tech in the emergency room of a near-by hospital. My specialty is inserting intravenous lines and taking blood, but I also do lots of everything else, including tag and bag 'em. Yes, it is a definite reality check. I am really looking forward to hearing from and seeing all of you in the near future.
Ellen (written in 2001)

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