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Laura Allen From: (Roni Goodman)
Roni And Glenn
Glenn Belfer and Roni

    I am Roni Goodman Roose Vogel and I was a camper from around 1966-73. I had to leave the country abruptly and found myself in Florida. I always missed the summers and was so completed in my life when I started to find people which led me to the camp site. I was married twice and have a daughter 19 and a son 12. They are my greatest accomplishments because they are loving, caring people with love to share.
    I have been everything from a physical therapist to a medical/nursing ass't to a meat wrapper and a waitress. We all know I took on investigations now and I love it. I always tried to give my kids the joy of my wonderful childhood memories I had and found a camp closest to Shoshana as I could find. The country is in my heart and always has been, it has helped make the woman I have become, no matter how silly I can be. Nothing can compare to the little girl in the country and the impact it had on me. My home is even in a forest, because it feels so free to be in a jungle for me. I thank everyone who has been a part of my life and the wonderful times ahead!

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