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Barry Sussman From: (Barry Sussman)
Barry Sussman
Barry Sussman And Family
Wow how I wish I was still going to Case Colony and looking for the lady with the shotgun! Remember camping with Steve Kushner? Boy do I long for those days. I would love to be a kid again.
How life has changed and continually does. So as for my last 20 plus years...
I went to college and became a Math teacher; and it was tough teaching in NY.
So I gave up when I spoke with a good friend and took his advice and moved to Israel. I was there for about 10 years where I studied and taught HS and became a kibbutznik. Oh I almost forgot; I married there too.
Then I returned to the US a couple of years ago and am now working with computers. That was my MA in Israel.
And to see this page and make contact with the campers again; maybe I can be a kid again. (well at least for a little while!)

          Barry Sussman

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'75 TABs 1977 Staff Photo