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Steve From: (Steve Kolodny)
The Kolodnys
Justin, Steve, Rochelle, and Sarah
      Hi to all former campers and staff. I am living in Long Beach, LI with my lovely wife Rochelle and two gorgeous children Sarah (6) and Justin (3) Did my years at camp help to make me a more well equipped Dad? You bet! Did it teach me to have a better understanding and appreciation of children and what makes for a happy childhood? You bet! I am now enjoying life as a stay-at-home dad for this year having left Showtime Networks after 20 years - 15 of those as an award winning writer/producer/director of TV commercials and the last 5 years as an internet/broadband developer. I look forward to seeing you all at the upcoming reunion, whenever that is.

The Kolodny SistersMy sisters Sharon and Carole to the left.

Note: When Sue, Marc, Ira and I hatched the plan to launch a website for Camp Shoshana I must admit that I was hesitant and concerned about the number of hours involved in building and maintaining it. After all, I was the only one with experience at this. But what I have learned is that this site is building itself with the warmth and the love that you all have shared.
     --Steve Kolodny

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