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Jeff From: (Jeff Sternstein)
Jeff Sternstein
Sam, Jeff, Ethan and Lynn
      Hi folks! I'm living in Livingston, NJ with my wife Lynn and two boys, Ethan (6) and Sam (2). I still see Harold Moroknek regularly (he just had his third girl). I'll send along the site info. Great initiative!
I remember the "cool room", the paths leading from the lake -- one into the woods and one that led to nearby houses, the waterfall at the end of the lake, coke bottles for lunch with M&M's (a.k.a. my first experience with explosives).
I remember the graffitti inside the lockers in the Camp House, "The King and I", "Oklahoma", "You're a Good Man Charlie Brown" (at least twice), "Alice in Wonderland" and, of course "Peter Pan" (I was Captain Hook). I remember "I'm Gonna Teach You a New Word Today", "Thunder, Thunderation", and all of the jewish folk songs. There is so much more.......
Hope all is well.

Jeff Sternstein

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