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Gordon Gisser E-Mail to:
(Gordon Gisser)

Gordon Gisser writes: WOW! You found me!

Actually, I saw the '76 picture a while ago while doing a search, but I don't remember the site.
What a surprise... I really could have used a haircut that day.

Originally from Rockland County, I stayed in Monroe for just that one summer in '76 . I really don't remember much or anyone in particular, it seems it was a quick summer for me.

It turns out however that I eventually moved into the area in '94 with my family. I currently reside in Monroe with wife Cindyand kids, Kimberly (12) and Gregory (8). We're members of Monroe Temple Beth El

When we moved up I remembered the camp but I did not recall exactly where it was. I just couldn't remember the bus route, until one day I passed by while driving and was excited that I found some of my history. It was a releif to see the front, but it looked so small... I guess everything was bigger back then...after all, I was just a little squirt!

I have opportunity to pass by every now and then. When I do, I try to jog my memory. Certainly the website helped. Thank You!

I remember the bus, lots of softball, canned soda, the crafthouse, tether ball and the pool... where I qualified for my first aid badge, which I think I still have.

I have been in a number of businesses over the years from retail furniture/carpet, to merchant services which I still do. I added on another line of technolgy 3 years ago focusing on loss prevention... implementing digital video security surveillance systems

We are actually looking at a potential new home right around the corner.

Is it possible or more likely that I have crossed paths with any locals that know me now?

All the best...

----Gordon Gisser

Gordon Gisser
Gordon And His Family

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TAs '76 Group Photo