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Stacey Halio Reference:
Greetings -
Stacey doesn't know this page is up yet. But with almost 1 dozen years as a camper and staff member with Camp Shoshana I think she deserves to have a page under any circumstance. Besides - I have a picture of her that she almost likes. I (Steve Kolodny) had lunch with her and Ira Presser on Thursday, February 7th, 2002. And what a time we had. So many memories, so many connections through the years, so little time to talk about it all. Over the past 6 months Stacey has contributed quite a bit to this website. Check out her songbook page, frequent entries to the guestbook pages, and all those group pictures she's in (see links below). Will she reprise her Guys and Dolls songs at the reunion? Only time will tell!

Click to see Stacey in these group pictures!
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