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Walter Goetz E-Mail to: (Wally Goetz)

   I finally remembered to bring my digital camera with me when I went to the renowned Lido Kosher Deli to pick up some matzoh ball soup. Who was behind the counter? My Mountain Lodge Park lantzman (I've known him since 1965) Wally Goetz.
   Wally is very well known and respected here in the community. I was at a PTA dinner last spring sitting with a member of the local school board. She gushed about Wally and the filanthropic    phillandtropical   phillintriplicate good deeds he does for the community.
   Funny thing: When I moved to Long Beach some 13 years ago I knew absolutely no one here. I took a short walk over to a deli across the main street. I walked inside and lo and behold - there's Wally! To this day - whenever I have company, whether it be my sister and brother in-law (Sharon and Ken Sobel - a Shoshana romance that continued in marriage), my sister Carole (Shoshana '71 &'72) and her family, or Ellen R. coming out here to help me with window dressings all those years ago, or anyone else who deserves the best food on the whole south shore of Long Island, the place to go is always Wally's!
Walter and Steve

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