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Stace Frank-Thea From: (Stace Frank-Thea)
Stace Frank-Thea
Peter, Shayna, Carly, Alec & Stace
Hello All,
When Steve called to tell me about the web site and the reunion I was really excited. I have such vivid and happy memories of Highland Mills. How dark the nights were, the woods, the "indian trail" from our houses to the lake and, especially, the people. It's been great getting back in touch with some of you and I'm really looking forward to seeing you all soon.
A lot has happened to all of us since our Shoshana days. I had the pleasure of going to law school with Allen Hecht and am currently Senior In-House Counsel for a public restaurant company.
I looked for a camp Shoshana picture to attach but, I couldn't find one, so I am attaching a picture of my family visiting my oldest daughter in her bunk at sleep away camp this past summer. In the picture are my husband Peter, our daughters Shayna (10) and Carly (8), son Alec (4) and me (almost all grown up!). Ironically, several hours after this picture was taken, we drove to Highland Mills and stopped by my old house and Shoshana. It was sad and wonderful at the same time.
I am really glad to have had this opportunity to catch up with some of you and look forward to seeing all of you at the reunion.
          Warmest regards,

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