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Rena Wolasky Trestman From: (Rena Wolasky Trestman)
Rena Wolasky Trestman
Danny, Rena, Ariana, and Mitchell
Dear Steve,
My sister Margie told me about this wonderful web site that you have put together. I managed to dig this picture up of me in the Little House (See Little House '69 on the staff/group photos + video page). I am the second girl in from the counselor from the left (who I can't remember) I have my blue shorts up to my chest (lovely!!). The only person I seem to recall is my other counselor Helene Kalish and of course Harry and Sue. We all were about 4 years old.
I am now 37 years old and have been married to my husband Gregg for 13 years and we have three great kids. Mitchell is almost 12, Danny is almost 9 and Ariana (my princess) is 4. We live in Virginia Beach and have a Kosher Restaurant/Butcher Shop and Grocery in Norfolk.
Margie, Jerry and RenaThe other picture I am sending is of my brother Jerry and sister Margie and me. I think it was taken that year. If you don't want to put it up don't worry, I was just trying to find anything Camp Shoshana related.
Although I was young when I was in Camp Shoshana I have some very fond memories that no camp after has ever come close to. Our family went to Paradise Park and I remember a lot of my brother and sisters friends like Phyllis, Janie, Lanie, Nadine, Susan (the list goes on and on.) Seeing the pictures helped me remember more of the people. Unfortunately I can't remember too many of my friends. We often reminisce. I think I was there until I was about 8 years old. I remember the plays, (Fiddler on the Roof, Oklahoma, The Wizard of Oz) great songs, Friday Oneg Shabbats, instructional swim, arts and crafts, drama with Ellie, rainy days playing in the camp house and of course the hard work that Sue and Harry did to make it the best day-camp around. Thank you for bringing back all these great memories to us. I have been sharing this great web site with my kids and they think it is really wonderful. I would be remiss if I didn't thank Sue and of course Harry (I was so sad to hear the news) for the terrific job they did. Thank you very much for giving all of us some of the best years of our young lives.
Rena Wolasky Trestman

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1969 Little House