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Fred Jaffe From: (Fred Jaffe)
Fred Jaffe
Fred, Glenn Belfer, Roni Goodman
Wow! What an unbelievably nice surprise, to check my e-mail to find that Camp Shoshana now has its own web-site and is planning a reunion. Without a doubt, the best times of my life were had at Camp Shoshana! I was lucky enough to have, as my two best friends, Wayne Belfer (who I noticed on the "contact page" spent more years at Shoshana than anyone else [besides Ellen and Andrew, of course], and was there when the camp first started), and Harold Richland, who had spent one year there, prior to my first year there. We were the same age, and therefore, in the same group, through the years. Having these two fellow campers as close friends, made my adjustment to a new camp easy, and my seven summers spent there all the more enjoyable. Almost all of the activities mentioned in the other e-mails here in the guestbook, I remember well, and were the highlights of my camp experiences, as well.
Fred Visits With The Richland Boys

I found it interesting that Camp Shoshana was in existence around, if not exactly, the same number of years that Music Radio 77, WABC-AM was the #1 station in the world for top 40 hits. I recall spending many of the more leisurely camp periods listening to this station, and the summer songs setting a great atmosphere for all the summer fun. Speaking of music, my next two best friends, who were in the group two years older than mine, were Walter (Wally) Goetz, and Steve (King/Sol) Solomon. Steve and I played guitar, and Wally picked up drumming skills from scratch remarkably rapidly, and we ended up starting a band, and playing many hours of music together. I noticed that several campers are still living in the Monroe area. Up until a few years ago, I had been living there also, as a permanent resident since 1996, and of course as a temporary one since the early 1960s. Steve Lichtman, who was in the same group as Walter and Steve S., and who I've known since I was two years old, lived nearby, and still lives in Monroe. It seems that while I was living there those five years, I was particularly drawn to the old Camp Shoshana area, as my main job was driving for Beams Taxi, which services the Hassidic village of Kyrias Joel, which is on the Monroe-Highland Mills border, close to where the camp was. Often, I passed by the nearby properties that were combination bungalow colonies/day-camps--Blueberry, Lebanon, and Sunnycroft (all of whom Shoshana dominated in inter-camp sports competitions)--as well as Paradise Park, Carmel Park, and the property that was once the camp, and it always brings back the best of memories. I am currently living in Delray Beach, FL, where I assist in the daily maintenance of 16 tennis courts divided between two nearby residential communities. Many thanks to Sue and Harry (R.I.P.) for running such a wonderful camp! Looking forward to seeing many of my fellow campers and staff again, soon! Fred Jaffe

          Fred Jaffe

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