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Robin Cohen E-Mail to: (Robin Cohen)

   Although I only went to Camp Shoshana for just a few years, I have very fond memories of the people I shared those summers with. Some lived in Mt. Lodge Park so I was able to continue friendships years later. Looking back at the old group pictures, I am amazed that I remember so many people. I ran into Lanie in 1980 in front of Macy's Herald Square. We looked at each other and even though 12 years had passed, we recognized each other immediately. About 6 years ago I ran into Sherri Pacificie at high holiday service in Coral Springs, FL where I live. I remembered her instantly. I love finding links to my past. My dinner last night with Lanie and Ellen was wonderful and I look forward to seeing more people at the S. Florida reunion. I have lived in S. Florida for 17 years. I married Arthur Cohen so I'm still Robin Cohen!! I have 3 great kids - Josh just turned 15 and twins Ariel and Alex who are almost 12. I work as a Human Resources Manager for a brick paver manufacturer. My older brother David still lives in NY and my younger brother Michael lives in Palm Beach Gardens. My cousin Lori (Heyman) lives in Boca Raton. Most of my family lives down here which is great for all of us. I look forward to hearing from more old friends!!

Robin Cohen

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Senior 2 Girls '68 Group Photo