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Bruce Gafter From: (Bruce Gafter)
Bruce Gafter
Elliot, Bruce, Abby And Sandy
Bruce Gafter here, a camper in the early '70's and staff in the late '70's. I remember swimming in the early morning, trying to pass advanced life saving with our little group of would-be life guards. I remember playing all kinds of sports with the Senior Boys somewhere around 1974, nok-hockey in the camp house, the shows (someone convinced me to dress up like the Blue Caterpillar for Alice in Wonderland), trips to the ORANGE COUNTY Fair, and a terrific group of kids to hang around with. I remember lunches at the bottom of the hill, and snack at the top of the hill, and "Foxes and Hounds." I remember the summers of 1977 and 1978 working for Harry and Sue as my first jobs. I remember those summers as the summers when I grew up.
My wife Sandi (Sustrin - staff 1980 when it was Camp David) and I are living in South Florida. We have 2 adorable kids, Elliot is 6 and Abby just turned 1. I have been in the software business for years, and travel extensively. I hope that all who are connect with friends from the past have the same smile that's been on my face since Ira Presser called me the day before Thanksgiving. Ira and Steve, thanks for your hard work. I look forward to the reunion, and seeing you all.

          Bruce Gafter

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Sr. Boys '74 Group Photo 1977 Staff Photo 1978 Staff Photo