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Walter Goetz E-Mail to: (Ellen Lesser)

Ellen Lesser writes: Wow, I just got the e-mail from Wendy Lesser-Korsunsky and I'm so excited. The years have flown by and yes I'm sure we all look the same. I was so fortunate to have been a part of Camp Shoshana, heading The Little House for a year or two (can't remember which) and also worked in the arts and crafts room. I hope you remember me, the mother of Wendy, Alyson and Kevin. I remember being involved with the teen group, taking them back to my house on High Street in Monroe to cook a special dish. (Sue said we have to keep the girls busy) Do you girls remember? The year must have been around l970-l972. I also remember do runs up to Mountain Lodge Park with my Olds wagon, which died at the end of camp!!! The boys had a band, and I had given them a ride I'm just so excited. Call me!
Ellen Lesser
Ellen Lesser

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