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Karen Weissman From: (Karen Weissman)
Karen Weissman
Alex, Karen, Sam, Arlene, Eric, Kelly.
Hello fellow campers & staffers! I am living in New York with my husband Alex, and happily working on my first book. Here's a picture of my family. From left to right is my husband Alex, me, my parents (Sam & Arlene), Eric and his wife Kelly.
It's been such a long time, but Camp Shoshana crosses my mind regularly. All the songs, expressions and games that I've never heard of anywhere else--I was trying to explain the game of Newcomb (sp?) to my husband the other day, who was wondering why we didn't just play volleyball. And remember Ga Ga Ga? With a bowling ball, no less! I also remember the Pizza Hut challenge when Bobby Sherman ate the hot pepper Pizza, and our unnatural affinity for Pizza Hut in general leading to that great Pizza Hut song ("Take Clove Road to the junction where you hit 94..."). Then there were the overnights, the TA social nights where the girls usually had bring dinner for the boys, and the trips to the OC fair. I also remember the two bus runs, and going along for the ride on the second run, where Caryn Heyman and I would hang out in the back of the bus to go flying over the big bumps. I remember Allen Hecht's great cartoons, the LOUD music in Andrew's car, and getting drunk on a thimble full of beer!
Thanks so much to Ira and Steve for contacting everyone and getting this site together. I look forward to seeing all of you at the reunion.

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