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Barbara Hollander From: Steve Kolodny for Barbara Hollander(no e-mail at this time)
Steve and Barbara
Steve K. And Barbara H.
Barbara Hollander and I met for lunch on November 20th at The California Pizza Grill on Old Country Road near Fortunoffs. We were friends from Mountain Lodge long before we worked at camp together. I recognized her at once (hey, it's only been 20 years) and I must say that she looks fabulous.
Barbara says "Hi" to all of you. She fondly remembers her years at camp and really wants to renew contact with all her friends from that time.
The Problem is that Barbara does not have e-mail at this time - but I will share her phone number with you if you send in an e-mail to

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1968 Senior 2 Girls Photo 1971 TA Girls 2 Photo 1972 Staff Photo 1973 Staff Photo 1975 Staff Photo 1975 TA Girls Photo