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Roll your cursor over the numbered structures for 'pop-up' notes! Here's how I remember the campus. I also remember there being grass, actual buildings, volleyball nets, basketball hoops and most of all, many very happy children (including staff). The little cameras on the page link to a picture of this location elsewhere on the site.
BONUS: Rollover the "Camp Soshana Highland MIlls, NY" text for the hidden picture of Harry and Sue.
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imagemap The Camphouse The Pool The Little House The Large Blacktop The Small Blacktop Volleyball Court The Crafthouse The Woods House The Doll House The Slide Upon

1) Camphouse, 2) Pool, 3) Little House, 4) Big Blacktop, 5) Small Blacktop, 6) Volleyball/Newcomb Court, 7) Crafthouse, 8) Coke-Bottle Lake, 9) Grandma Woods' House.
Here are some notes from Sue:
1) Land area?: I believe it was altogether 3-1/2 acres. Did you know that the land was bought in pieces from Louis Koppel and Hyman Ostrow?
2) What year was the pool put in?: The pool is circa 1963 because in 1962 we suffered a drought and the lake dried up and we had to purchase a smallish plastic pool that we filled with a hose and let kids in a group at a time. How about that??
3) The Camphouse?: The original building was quite small. I don't recall the dimensions. It contained the two bathrooms and our one room office/bedroom/kitchen. Several years later, as we began to grow, we added the craft room and two other rooms to our apartment. Several years after that (don't remember dates, unfortunately) we expanded the building, added a stage and the 'cool room'. Prior to all that we built my parents little house in the rear.
4) The doll house?: At some point, Mr. Ostrow, who was also our builder, built the little doll house for kids to play in.
5) The crafts house?: The bungalow near Carmel Park belonged to him and ultimately gave it to us to use for crafts.