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Laura Allen From: (Laura Allen Sherry)
Laura Allen
Benjamin, Laura, David & Layla

    I recently heard about the reunion at a wedding in Central Park. One of my husband's very close friends from childhood married a woman from Monroe who went to Camp Shoshana for a few years as a camper. I met her parents at the wedding and after talking about Monroe she mentioned the reunion to me and the website. I was so happy to see the site filled with so many wonderful memories of my years there as a camper. I also spoke with Lori (Heyman) Rosen who lives near me in Florida.
I live in Parkland with my husband, David, my son Benjamin who is 4 years old and daughter, Layla who is 1. We live just south of Boca Raton and west of Ft. Lauderdale. I graduated from college and law school in Gainesville, Fl, and moved down here and have been in south Florida ever since.
I don't know if you remember my brother, Mark, but I think one year he was in your group. He lives 5 minutes from me here in with his wife. He works in computers, I am not exactly sure how to explain what he does with computers...
I have such fond memories of camp and summers in Mountain Lodge park. Sometimes I think of the summer that Carol Hochberg drove a few of us to camp everyday in her SUV...I remember her driving like a race car driver through those winding roads to the camp.
I still have a camp shirt that has been on an old teddy bear and once my son turned 3 I gave it to him and it is kind of neat to see him running around the house in it. I am looking for a photo of him in it to scan and post on the site as well.
I hope to hear from you, Laura

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'75 Inter. Girls 1978 Sr. Girls 2 Photo