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Row 4 (top)
L. to R. - Brian Newman, Allen Hecht, Mark Furman, Michael Blau, Ira Presser, Bruce Gafter, Stephen Pace.
Row 3
L. to R. - Steve Kolodny, Karen Jaehnert, Marlene Greenwald, Diane Margolin, Ellen Rachlin, Karen Warshaw, Karen Ampel, (slightly back) Bobby Sherman, Jill Romaine, (slightly back) Barry Sussman.
Staff '77

Row 2
L. to R. - Carolyn Pace, Barbara Judin, Jyll Sterntein, Harry Rachlin, Susan Rachlin, Carole Hochberg, Helene Kramer, Joy Bird.
Row 1 (bottom)
L. to R. - Karen Weissman, Celeste Coruzzi, Caryn Heyman, Janet York, Carol Greenberg, Marc Newman.

   This is the staff picture from '77. Can you name everyone in the photo? I couldn't. Jyll helped me out with the Karen the Craft Couselor's name (Jaehnert - obviously the traditional spelling). Mike Blau helped with identifying Karen Warshaw. Please correct me if I have a wrong name or a misspelling. All e-mail should be sent to
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