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Click on the 'slates' below to get to the group pictures from that period of time!

Row 4 (top)
L. to R. - Steve Kushner, Harold Richland, Wayne Belfer, Steve Lichtman, Marty Manson, Lenny Bard, Charley Edelman, Ellen Lesser, Bobby Sherman.
Row 3
L. to R. - Carol Eininger, Phyllis Kushner, Nadine Gradofsky, Mindy Schmeltzer, Stacey Halio, Audrey Hecht, Phyllis Hofher, Reena Manson, Diane Meany, Josie Powers, Susan Sherman, Ellie Bobrow, Ellen Spergel.
Staff '73
Row 2
L. to R. - Carole Kolodny, Wanda Chalfin, Debbie Bochner, Barbara Greenberg, Harry Rachlin, Sue Rachlin, Mindy Hecht, Barbara Hollander, Roseanne Salvatore, P.J. the local, Cindy Grossman.
Row 1 (bottom)
L. to R. - Lisa Dean, Susan Schnell, Jack Strassman, Brian Newman, Peter Grossman, Jeff Kole, Rich Goldstein, Joan Eufemia.

   This is the staff picture from '73. Debbie Bochner sent this from her personal archive. Can you name everyone in the photo? Heck, as Fred Jaffe pointed out, we named too many people! Seems we've got an exta name in there - can you help weed it out? Thanks Ellen Bochner, Fran Wincott, Jyll Sternstein and my sister Carole Kolodny for helping with the names. Please help us make the corrections. All e-mail should be sent to
Are you in touch with any of the people in this picture not already on the contact list? Please let them know about this web site.