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Row 4 (top)
L. to R. - Steve Salamon, Mike Krames, Steve Kushner, Charles Edelman, Steve Diamond, Jeff Kole, Wally Goetz.
Row 3
L. to R. - Lanie Weiss, Suzanne Fleishman, Elie Bobrow, Steve Lichtman, Howie Flatow, Sue and Harry, Carlene Dumont, Debbie Cippriani, Phyllis Hofher, Phyllis Kushner, Lonny Rosenberg, Jan Brown, Ellen Spergel.
Staff '72
Row 2
L. to R. - Barbara Hollander, Mindy Schmeltzer, Stacey Halio, Janie Kasner, Debra Bochner, Carole Kolodny, Barbara Greenberg, Randi Miller, Joyce Sobel, Nadine Grodofsky, Mindy Hecht, Ellen Lesser.
Row 1 (bottom)
L. to R. - Peter Grossman, Evan Graber, Rich Goldstein, David Pincus, Jackie Markman, Bob Barlow, Reena Manson, Sheryl Cippriani, Lynn Solomon.

   This is the staff picture from '72. Much thanks to my sister Carole for sending this along. Luckily she is one of those people who writes the names on the back of her photos. So we certainly had a head start on this one but we were still missing a few. Luckily Fred Jaffe was able to solve the blank spaces. Please correct me if I have a wrong name or a misspelling. All e-mail should be sent to
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