We Had Our Reunion On Aug. 10, '02!

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  We had a ball at the Camp Shoshana Reunion held on August 10, 2002. In attendance were campers and staff from every decade that camp was open, the growing families of campers and staff, and the parents of some campers and staff too. Sue had her whistle, we all had cameras, and the fun ensued. Andrew ran the slide show while Ellen named the names. Ira Presser and Karen Weissman presented vintage film clips on DVD. Jyll demonstrated her photo CD-ROM made up of scans of every group photo in Sue's archive (order yours from her by e-mail The afternoon was chock full of hugs and kisses, eating and drinking, shouting and singing, splashing and giggling. Everyone looks fabulous and exactly the same as they had back then if not better. So there!
  The photos on this page were sent in by Jyll Sternstein.Please e-mail yours to
  Karen Weissman has posted the results of the online survey page. CLICK HERE to go there.
Jyll, Susan, Janie The Banner Susan, Jyll, Sue, Marc

Stacey and Jyll Wayne and Janie Harold, Jyll and Jeff

Susan and Wayne Jyll and Bruce Sue and Stacey

Roni, Ellen, Jyll and Janet Ellen, Stacey, Roni, Janet, Ellen, and Jyll Marc, Gerri and Doug

Jyll and Roni Marc, Jyll and Ira Jeff, Andrew and Harold