Reunion In Monroe (Sept '03)

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   All hands on deck! 18 of us (not including spouses, parents and children) gathered at the Captain's Table on 17M (avast ya landlocked swab) in Monroe for some food and drink on September 20, 2003. Thanks Ira for assembling the masses, we all had a great time. Lanie even joined us by phone from Florida!

Diane, Jeff, Jyll, Steve, Ellen, Wayne, Artie, Stacey, Natalie, Gerri, The Gang
Andrew, Beth, Barry, Janet, Debbie, Edwin and kneeling: Ira and Marc

Gerri has hers "to go"

Shayneh punim Talia and Edwin

"Is he taking another friggin' picture?"
Ellen and Jyll

Ellen and the Juniors
Ellen and Kids

"Do they give doggie bags?"
Stacey and Ellen

Jyll, Ira, Gerri, Marc, Beth
Group Shot

"Guess what Andrew, you are paying for everyone!"
Ira And Andrew