Camp Shoshana Reunion Survey Results
August 2002 - Compiled By Karen Weissman
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The survey covers 49 former campers and staff.
Who were at the camp from 1960 to 1984.

Marital Status 
Most of us are married or have been at some time.
69% are married 
19% are divorced 
13% are single 
5 people married other campers 

Most of us have children, but not huge families.
81% have children 
19% have no children 
2.3 average number of children (for those who have them)

A little more than half of us are pet owners. 
57% have pets 
43% have no pets 
The most common pet is a dog 

Where We Live 
42% live within 100 miles of Camp Shoshana 
4 people live less than 10 miles from Camp 
50% live in New York State 
New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Pennsylvania are roughly tied for a distant second place.
People have spread as far as California, Colorado, South Carolina, Maryland and Virginia.

What We Do 
98% went to college 
"On average, we have had" 2.0 careers 
Except for one camper who claims to have had 2375 careers, but this was thrown out as a statistical anomaly!

The most common full time activity is raising kids. 

Here's the breakdown: Other professions include:
Engineering 2 Real Estate 
Business 8 Construction 
Performing Arts 1 Banking 
Media 2 Government 
Writing/Journalism 2 Mail Order 
Manufacturing 1 Human Resources 
Sales 2 Driving/Livery 
Retail 2 Private Investigations - this is an interesting one! 
Computer 4 Artistic/Graphic Design 
Biotech 1
IT 1 
Teaching 6
Research 4 
Academia 4 
Medical 6 
Psychology 3 
Kids 14
Legal 5 
Sports 0 - big surprise! Too bad there's no such thing as "pro Newcomb"

Memories of Camp Shoshana 
Most of us think of camp at least once a year:
     A whopping 21% can name everyone in their camp photos! 
     The rest of us can name a handful 

Oneg Songs 
The most popular Oneg song was overwhelmingly: Bim Bom 
Here are some reasons why :
     "bim bom because of how Harry sang it" 
     "Bim Bom...and watching Howie Mandel invariably get kicked out of the camp house." 

Indoor Activities 
The most favored indoor activity was: Knock-hockey 
Other popular indoor games include: 
     "GA GA in the cool room" 
     "Teay Bonasure and a honeykashatah[sp?]:shoe circle game" 
     "Sticking my head in the Coke machine to get relief from the sweltering camp house heat." 
     "believe it or not, Chess...a Harry influence" 
     "playing monopoly in the old crafts room connected to the camp house" 

Outdoor Activities 
The most popular outdoor activity was: Newcomb, 37% agree! 
Miscellaneous unsavory activities on the Indian Trail was a distant second with 13% of the vote.
Some people mentioned Field Hockey and Wiffle Ball but the following are more like what I remember: 
     "sitting under the trees at the tables hanging out with the TA boys" 
     "Watching my female counterparts swim and sun themselves at the pool." 
     "softball, especially inter-camp, and if we lost, Harry would make us walk home." 
The most unusual outdoor favorite was: worrying! How's that for a Jewish pastime? 

The Craft House 
The coolest craft was without a doubt: Lanyard 
Other craft house memories include: 
     "Lamp (which worked until a year ago!)" 
     "colored tissue paper on glass to form picture" 
     "peeling the dried Elmer's glue off my hand in one piece" 
     "I never made a damn thing that resembled what it was supposed to be....but we never cared." 
     "Something rude with popsicle sticks." 
     "nothing hated arts and farts" 
     "The shoe box scenes" 
     "Candles in milk cartons. I still have them." 
     "batik cloth--still have it, want me to bring it 8/10?" 

Off Camp Trips 
"The favorite off camp trip was: The OC Fair, with Overnights a close second." 
Other memorable outings include: 
     "Movies and bowling in town"" (How could I have left bowling off the list!)" 
     "The bus ride home from Square usual partner ended up marrying my college roommate!" 
     "paddle boating at Bear Mountain" 
     "We took off camp trips?" 

Our favorite show is hotly contested. You're a Good Man Charlie Brown won by a narrow margin. 
     Oklahoma! Came in second. 
     Guys & Dolls, and Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat are tied for third
Other more "experimental" productions given honorable mention include:
     "Looking through the cool room window" (confessed by a camper from sometime during 65 - 74)