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Click on the 'slates' below to get to the group pictures from that period of time!

Row 4 (top)
L. to R. - Steve Lichtman, Charlie Edelman, Susan Schwartz, Sandy Klausner, Paul Krames, Howie Kole,(slightly forward) Bernie Charles, Howard Whitlin, Artie Albstein.
Row 3
L. to R. - Kenny Goldberg, Howie Flato, Ellie Bobrow, Walter Goetz, Mindy Hecht, Cindy Golden, Janie Kasner, Ellen Lesser, Pat Strele (swim), Margie Wolasky.
Staff '71
Row 2
L. to R. - Steve Salamon, Mitchell Klausner, Joan Albstein, Susan Kalish, Phyllis Kushner, Harry Rachlin, Sue Rachlin, Phyllis Hofher, Suzanne Fleischman, Marshall Grodofsky, Evan Graber, Steve Diamond.
Row 1 (bottom)
L. to R. - Karen Skoorka, Carole Kolodny, Nan Salamon, Lanie Weiss, Meryl Masters, Debbie Presser.

   This is the staff picture from '71. Ira Presser sent this from his personal archive. Can you name everyone in the photo? Heck, we can't. I've listed as many as Ira, Sue, Carole, Phyllis, Susan and I could name. Please help us fill in the blanks and/or make corrections. All e-mail should be sent to
Are you in touch with any of the people in this picture not already on the contact list? Please let them know about this web site.