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Here is a rough sketch of the Shoshana camphouse interior. The coolroom sketch is down below. Roll your cursor around the camphouse to see the verbiage for some of the areas. What have we missed in detailing the camphouse? Stacey Halio wrote to say "When you first walked in on the right was the sports equipment closet. And then to the right of that was a little alcove that led to The Camp office. Along the right wall from the front door if you are facing the coke machine, was open shelving or cabinets, I think. Don't forget about the bulletin board next to the door to Sue's kitchen. That's where the activities of the week were posted! The Side Room was originally the Arts and Crafts room. I think there were 2 refrigerators in the camphouse backing the Side Room and there were one or two next to the Coke Machine too. There was also a window between the Side Room and the Camphouse."
Send your thoughts to And many thanks to Ellen Bochner who drafted this image from memory.

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Below is a rough sketch of the COOLROOM. I haven't created any interactive rollovers for this area yet. This is the room where we changed (for the better I hope). I know I did. I misplaced a cheap crewsock there once and came away with a pair of 'Big Lew Alcindor' tube sox.
The Coolroom