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How would get to camp by car?

From Route 17:
roadsignTake Route 208 (toward Washingtonville) past the miniature golf course (now just a driving range). Just after Goodfellows (once called Spring Glen Tavern and called Rosella's in 1964) you take a wicked steep turn into Delano Heights (I'm sure that sign is gone too) and follow the directions below.

From Mountain Lodge and points west:
roadsignTake Route 208 (eastbound toward Monroe). Just after the gated community once called LEMKO take a wicked steep turn left and follow the directions below. I biked this one afternoon on a rusty one-speed with baloon tires and amazingly enough I am here to talk about it.

From the wicked steep turn:
roadsignContinue along Seven Springs Road (or Seven Springs Mountain Road, or whatever the hell you call it) pass the Pacifici's house, pass the house called Bonanza, up and down the big hill, pass Bakertown Road and then a little further on until you see Camp Shoshana on your right. And hey, if you see the Stravitz Multiplex (also gone) then pull a 'u-ee' because you've gone a few hundred feet too far and several decades into the past.
Much thanks to Fred Jaffe and Bruce Kimmel for setting me straight on these directions. And many thanks to Roni Goodman for providing the pictures. Please send me your alternate routes by e-mail to

Here's A Map
Road Map