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This photo was sent in by Fred Adler
This photo appeared in the Times Herald Record on Tuesday August 19th, 1975.
1975 News Clip
Fred and Steve Lichtman are presenting a check in the amount of $400 for the burn center fund. As I recall this was based around a sponsored swim-a-thon. Does anyone recognize the kids in the background?
These photos were sent in by Karen Weissman
The first one is a photo that appeared in a local newspaper in 1972. Karen's mother was able to get a copy of the actual photo from the newspaper, although, unfortunately, the caption is not there.
Karen couldn't name everyone, Wayne Belfer, Fran Wincott, and Ellen Bochner helped with a name or two and you may be able to fill in some more of the blanks:

1972 News Clip
Front Row: Randi Bochner, Robyn Greenberg, Susan Jaskow, Amy Weinstock, Karen Weissman, Sherry ??
Back Row: Suzanne Fleischman, Andy Graber, Ellen Bochner (just behind her sister Randi), not sure about anyone else.
1979 News Clip

Aside from Karen in the center of this '79 clipping we're not sure of anyone else although Fran Wincott says "I'm sure its Jennifer Witrock on the far right."