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Fiddler, Fiorello, and Alice In Wonderland
Steve Salamon as Tevye and Margie Wolasky as Golde in "Fiddler".
Fiorello (1973?)
Bottom Left to right: Bobby Sherman?, Edwin Levy, Jim Berman
Next row up left to right: Ellie Bobrow, Bruce Richland, Steve Kushner, Suzanne Fleishman, Jeff Kole, Audrey Hecht, Don Kushner, Charlie Edelman
Back row left to right: ?, Ellen Bochner, Phyllis Hoffer, Rachel Schein, Steve Lichtman, Carol Rubin, ?, Maura Kramer, Marion Mackles, Lee Wetstein, Ellen Rachlin, Jyll Sternstein (hidden behind), left Carol Rubin
Alice In Wonderland
Alice In Wonderland (1973?)
Left Bottom - Left to right: Lisa Weinstock, Eileen Kreisle, Sherri ?,?, Bruce Gafter, Neil Strassman (bottom), Jeff Krames, Jeff Sternstein, Lori York
Next row up left to right: ?, Dot Tischler, ?, Andy Graber, Joy Marcus, Todd Diamond, Marlene Greenwald, Debbie Schein, ?, Mark Furman (behind Lori York)
Back Row: Barry Sussman is the Ace on the left, I (Jyll Sternstein) don't know any other names except Judy Kushner in the center
Dear Fellow Former Campers and Staff -
       Here is a page of Middletown Record press photos of camp shows shared by Jyll Sternstein. Jyll, Lisa Weinstock, Barry Sussman and Ellen Bochner filled in as many names as they could. Can you help?
I hope that somewhere out there are personal, higher quality photos from these shows that will be shared with us for this area of the site. Send your digitized photos to We look forward to hearing from you.

Steve Kolodny, Webmaster