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Row 3 (top)
L. to R. - Sue and Harry Rachlin
Row 2
L. to R. - Suzanne Adelman, ??, Rena Wolasky, Jennifer Michaels, Debbie Gross, ??, ??, Helene Kalish.
The Little House 1969
Row 1 (bottom)
L. to R. - ??, ??, ??, ??, ??.

   This is The Little House group photo from '69. Thank you Rena Wolasky Trestman for sharing this photo with us and to Susan Kalish Snyder and Gina Wolfert for helping to name names. Here are Rena's comments - "I managed to dig this picture up of me in the Little House. I am the second girl in from the counselor from the left (who I can't remember). I have my blue shorts up to my chest (lovely!!). The only person I seem to recall is my other counselor Helene Kalish and of course Harry and Sue."
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