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This Is Page 7 of the Camp Shoshana Guestbook!

We're No Longer Taking New Messages - But Read What's Already Here!

Entry of May 30, 2002 at 20:50 [EST]
From:Steve Kolodny - sgkolodny@aol.com

Steve Kolodny writes: This starts page 7 of our guestbook. I look forward to seeing so many of you at the reunion. Get your RSVP and check to Ira ASAP. Visit reunion.html for more details.

Entry of Jun 1, 2002 at 00:15 [EST]
From:Sue Rachlin - Susanrachlin@aol.com

Sue Rachlin writes: ATTENTION ALL YOU PROCRASTINATORS: Where are you hiding? I had expected a flurry of activity once the reservation form was made available. Please get to it n-o-w, now! Fill out the forms and send them with your chex to Ira Presser. THINK STAFF!
Ellen and at least one of her sons, Andrew and maybe his son and me are coming with bells and whistles (did i mention that Harry's whistle which I inherited hangs in my kitchen?) Let's hear good things from all of you!

Entry of Jun 4, 2002 at 10:40 [EST]
From:Steven Kolodny - sgkolodny@aol.com

Steven Kolodny writes: I came across my counselor contract for the summer of 1976. I had all that fun and I was paid too?! Click Here. Amazing.

Entry of Jun 4, 2002 at 10:47 [EST]
From:Steven Kolodny - sgkolodny@aol.com

Steven Kolodny writes: Fred Adler was nice enough to scan and share a newspaper clipping from 1975. It shows Steve Lichtman and him at poolside presenting a check to the local burn fund. Check it out in the Newsclippings part of the 'camphouse' section of this website.

Entry of Jun 6, 2002 at 20:42 [EST]
From:Steven Kolodny - sgkolodny@aol.com

Steven Kolodny writes: I just added the TA Boys '75 to the staff/group section of the site. This is an amazing photo - check these guys out. Everyone of them was a star in his own way. Thanks Marc Newman for lending this photo.
PS - One of the most indelible camp memories I have is of the day one of my Jr. Boys (name withheld to protect his dignity) mistook bird turd for Oreo cream filling and ate it. I still wretch at the thought. True story. Glad to share.

Entry of Jun 11, 2002 at 18:09 [EST]
From:The Reunion Committee - campshoshana@aol.com

The Reunion Committee writes: Be sure to let us know if you are coming to the reunion on August 10th. Go to the reunion page on this website for more details. Or go directly to the printable RSVP page and send your check in with it. Or, at the very least, let us know that you are definitely not coming.

Entry of Jun 12, 2002 at 20:47 [EST]
From:Karen Skoorka Kripor - ImaBarvaza@aol.com

Karen Skoorka Kripor writes: Hi! My name is Karen Skoorka (now Kripor). I've been trying to figure out how to get in touch. I'm so glad that I finally was able to! I have been trying to locate Steve Salamon. The last I had heard, he was living somewhere up in the area of the camp. I know that he is an attorney.
Camp Shoshana was a wonderful place to be. As a child, I remember visiting my cousins who lived in Carmel Park and went to the camp. I was fortunate to come for two weeks. When I was older I had the great fortune to work at camp. I loved being in the camp plays. Working in the Little House was just the beginning of my long career of working with pre-school children.
I am still doing so, and writing lots of music.

Entry of Jun 14, 2002 at 17:02 [EST]
From:Diane Margolin - dimike1@comcast.net

Diane Margolin writes: Tomorrow I take my two oldest daughters to see their new summer camp. The last one lost their loyalty for having too many kids, too many lines, and too many roll calls during the day. I know as I tour this new, wonderful facility I will be thinking of Camp Shoshana and a simpler time. Of course, I am interested in seeing what a heated camp pool looks like. I bet they still have a hard time getting the oldest group of girls to go to morning instructional swim.....

Entry of Jun 26, 2002 at 08:08 [EST]
From:Steve Kolodny - sgkolodny@aol.com

Steve Kolodny writes: My little boy starts camp today and my daughter tomorrow. Given the cost, and since I am already a stay-at-home Dad, I am considering working at camp next summer. Who says you can never go back? This time I'll keep the boys out of the poison ivy patches! Maybe.


Entry of Jun 28, 2002 at 19:04 [EST]
From:roni goodman - ronihead@yahoo.com

roni goodman writes: Today I am on a natural high because I got to speak with Ms. Sue Rachlin, the only one -- again, only one -- and can hardly wait to see everyone, it brings good memories to my heart. I found Sandy Klausner and she will call me over the weekend with Ellen and Elaine Levy's #s and some others too that she has kept in touch with that don't know yet about the camp web site or reunion. She was elated big time to hear we are all doing this reunion and keeping in touch, I blew her mind, she was so happy. I will tell all where she is and who she talks to as soon as she calls me back this weekend. I have her # and will call her if she forgets. I miss everyone & can't wait to play newcomb. :) roni

Entry of Jun 28, 2002 at 21:16 [EST]
From:Ellen Stockwell - EllenStockwell@aol.com

Ellen (Rachlin) Stockwell writes: Hello all. I have finally moved back North and settled in Toms River, NJ. It feels good to be home again! Roni---HATS OFF TO YOU!!! YOU ARE THE BOMB!!! Thank you so much for finding so many past campers and counselors for us. You have really been instrumental in making this reunion a success. Steve, ofcourse YOU ARE THE BEST WEBMASTER A PERSON COULD EVER ASK FOR! THANK YOU SO MUCH. Anyway, I'm really excited about seeing all of you on August 10th. I just had major surgery and I'm home recuperating, so if anyone has some free time, all emails are welcome, I can't do much and I'm going to go stir crazy for the next few weeks. STAY HEALTHY AND GET READY TO HAVE THE TIME OF YOUR LIFE ON AUGUST 10th! Love, Ellen
p.s. Thanks to Ira Raymond for doing such a fine job managing all the responses!

Entry of Jul 2, 2002 at 16:16 [EST]
From:Reunion Shirt Committee - campshoshana@aol.com

Reunion Shirt Committee writes: I spoke with our shirt man today - he says that he delivered the printout to the silk screeners and they thought it all looked great and will produce fine, quality images! Production starts soon - then no more will be made. Make sure to get your order in! Thanks Karen Weissman for getting the design done and thanks Ira for setting us up with the shirt maker.

Entry of Jul 5, 2002 at 19:57 [EST]
From:Ira Hofher - romimoo@aol.com

Ira Hofher writes: I feel a little guilty making this appeal, but I will get over it! Due to arrangements made over a year ago with several other families, I will not be able to attend the reunion, as I will be out of town. Nevertheless, as a former camper, CIT, Counselor and Lifetime Shoshana person I am saying to you: Make the Reunion! Yeah, it is in Mew Jersey, not Highland Mills, but, heck! we have all changed. Bring your families, most importantly the kids, and let them see how Mom and Dad spent their summers...let them meet all your wonderful old friends, slightly older, greyer and..er, stouter! I was there in 1978 and it was great, but this will be greater still. Ira and Steve and the rest of the committee have worked their butts off and they deserve a large attendance. Who knows? You might even see some pictures of me! Brush up those Newcombe skills, Think Staff and Bim Bim Bom to the reunion!!!!!

Entry of Jul 6, 2002 at 12:27 [EST]
From:Sue Rachlin - Susanrachlin@aol.com

Sue Rachlin writes: I am waxing nostalgic today as I harken back to past July 4th celebrations we had at camp. If you think about it, I'll bet none of the franks and burgers you consumed this week tasted at all like those we got from Walter Goetz's family business. Think flavor, think quality, think taste and smell. But while you're having fun, I sit at my dining room table with two slide projectors and hundreds, nay, thousands of color slides of many of the years at camp until 1978. True, I am a bit bleary-eyed, but I wouldn't have passed up this opportunity to indulge in reminiscing, laughing and crying. What I do realize is that it was a happy place...lots of smiling faces, lots of activity, lots of singing and dancing, lots of caring and nurturing and all that is due to the staff for which I am grateful. As promised, I am attempting to put some semblance of continuity in the slide trays but don't think I will succeed entirely since lots of the slides slid out of their trays because of the many moves the carton underwent since 1982. However, with two projectors going all day you will no doubt recognize yourselves as you were twenty to thirty years ago. Many of you have not changed since your youth but some of you may be unrecognizable. But cest la vie, if you're not at the reunion think about what you will have missed. If you manage to catch some slides that you would like to have as a memento, they're yours for the taking. I can't understand why anyone would not want to show up on August 10th. This reunion will mostly likely not occur again, certainly not in my lifetime, but this will give everyone the opportunity not only to relive their youth but to reconnect and who can foretell what new relationships will develop. Please spread the word and encourage people to come. I do so look forward to seeing you again and playing catch-up, a form of verbal newcomb (is that the correct spelling?) And also don't forget to bring your own cameras, digital or otherwise, even though we will be videotaping the entire day. Affectionately, Sue

Entry of Jul 11, 2002 at 09:20 [EST]
From:Steve Kolodny - sgkolodny@aol.com

Steve Kolodny writes: One month to go to the reunion - are we sure that we've contacted everyone we possibly can?

Entry of Jul 12, 2002 at 16:23 [EST]
From:Ira Presser - Ira818@aol.com

Ira Presser writes: As Steve said, one month, 28 days to the big event. For all you last minute people, PLEASE let us know now whether you will be attending or not. We need to give a count to the people who are making the shirts. I have to give them a final count by no later than July 18th.
I can't wait to play a good game of newcombe. For those of you that don't want to play newcombe, I will be bringing a couple of Wiffle ball bats and balls. My kids go to Rosmarins and last week they told me that they are playing a cool game called GA GA. Anybody remember that? I will bring a volley ball and maybe we will get to play that too.

Entry of Jul 14, 2002 at 18:34 [EST]
From:Sandy Graziano - sandy@dadwasatrooper.com

Sandy Graziano writes: I didn't work at camp but almost did. My dad was a state trooper in the Monroe area. I was a local beauty pageant winner (Miss Orange County '77) with a pleasant demeanor and better than average grades. I loved working with kids. I needed a summer job. The day I showed up to ask for work at camp Ellen and Jyll marched in to Sue's office to discuss my credentials. Thanks for your help girls.

Entry of Jul 14, 2002 at 20:24 [EST]
From:Miriam Makeba - miriam@queenofsoul.com

Miriam Makeba writes: I am so sorry that I cannot attend your lovely camp reunion. I am flattered that you thought of me and the Pata-Pata. I wish I was there to participate. I am home, down Johannesburg way, I am fine and growing flowers in my terra cotta potta-pottas.

Entry of Jul 16, 2002 at 10:43 [EST]
From:Renee Littner Shavel - Renee.Shavel@abbott.com

Renee Littner Shavel writes: I am thrilled to have found this web site. I was Renee Littner, attending Camp Shoshana in 1963 as a camper, and 1965, 66, and 67 as staff. In 1964 I was 14, too old to be a camper and too young to be a CIT so I went to Camp Blueberry that summer. I am going to send in 3 songs I remember and two staff pictures I have on this computer, one from 1965 and the other from 1967. I have two more at home that I will bring in tomorrow to scan and send. E you then.

Entry of Jul 17, 2002 at 09:33 [EST]
From:jyll - jyllk@powerlist.com

jyll writes: A public apology to Sandy for my behavior 25 years ago! I don't remember the incident, but anything is possible when you are 17 and stupid. Hope life has been good to you and you went on to many successes.

Entry of Jul 22, 2002 at 17:35 [EST]
From:Steve Kolodny - sgkolodny@aol.com

Steve Kolodny writes: Renee Littner Shavel and Laura Allen both sent great group photos this past week. I'll be putting them up in the next few days. Some of Renee's go back to the early to mid 60s (please help us with the names) while Laura's are in the middle to late 70s.


Entry of Jul 23, 2002 at 19:27 [EST]
From:Steve Kolodny - sgkolodny@aol.com

Steve Kolodny writes: spotI have been searching for a shot of the mighty Camp Shoshana mascot SPOT for months and finally I SPOTted one. Thank you Laura Allen - old SPOT was in one of the group shots she sent in. I knew there had to be one somewhere. And I think that this is just the SPOT for SPOT.


Entry of Jul 24, 2002 at 21:11 [EST]
From:Roni Goodman - ronihead@yahoo.com

Roni Goodman writes: Talked to Ellen Levy & she told Elaine that there is a reunion & they hope to be there, they were elated that we are all doing this. I jumped for joy to talk to Ellen because we grew up 2 doors away from each other and were very close then. Also our families were close. Life is like just great these days :) Roni

Entry of Jul 25, 2002 at 08:51 [EST]
From:Fred Jaffe - jaffefregorjaf@aol.com

Fred Jaffe writes: I obtained Ellen & Jane's phone # from her mother, in Florida. Jane lives in New Jersey, and Ellen in Long Island. They're both close enough to easily go to the reunion, but I left messages on their voice mails a couple of days ago, and they still haven't called me back. Steve Lichtman and Wayne Belfer both said they would call them, but I was wondering if anyone wanted either (or both) of their phone #s, to tell them that this is a legitmate reunion with lots of people coming, and to encourage them to come. As of now, they don't even have the website address. If you want their number(s), E-mail me and I'll send it (them) back to you.

Entry of Jul 25, 2002 at 08:55 [EST]
From:Fred Jaffe - jaffefregorjaf@aol.com

Fred Jaffe writes: In case anyone was wondering, I was referring to Ellen and Jane Cohen (I forgot to mention their last name) in the last entry.

Entry of Jul 26, 2002 at 09:28 [EST]
From:Steve Kolodny - sgkolodny@aol.com

Steve Kolodny writes: Late last night I added the Junior 2 Boys photo from 1975 to the site. I'll be darned - I can't remember most of the kids' names - please see if you can help - Click Here To Go There Now! --Steve

Entry of Jul 26, 2002 at 12:36 [EST]
From:Steve Kolodny - sgkolodny@aol.com

Steve Kolodny writes: Also stuck for names on the 1965 Senior Girls!
Click here to go there.

Entry of Jul 27, 2002 at 14:28 [EST]
From:Marvin Wurtzelman - marvinw@tmacinc.com

Marvin Wurtzelman writes: You can only come to this site so many times before you have to add your story. So here's mine.
The reunion, that I will be thrilled to attend, marks my 40th anniversary with Camp Shoshana. In the summer of '62, I was the Junior Boys Counselor. I had the best of two worlds. We (Ritchie Fisher, Linda Fishman (Leighton- Yes she married Steve)were the Mountain Lodge Park "Kids," starting our relationship with Shoshana and the "Highland Mills Kids." Let me tell you that 40 years later, at age 56, I'm still friends with many of those "KIDS." This was my first summer job - and I couldn't have done better! The simple things that many of you write about ie; Wiffle and Softball, Friday afternoons, the planned but loosely formatted activities and most of all the down home "Hammishness" was the glue for all of us over a long period of time.
The next few years had me involved in non-camp activities, but in the summer of '66 I was back. I must immediately, confess that the main attraction was working with my teenage sweetheart Meridy Alderman. Sue and harry gave me the opportunity to run two groups: the Oldest(13 & 14) and intermediate boys group. Those groups consisted of some the most famous of Shoshana's alltime Campers and later Counselors. They included Arthur Albstein (whose Dad's funeral I recently attended) Ira Hoffer and Mark Klausner - both of who I talk to from time to time.
Meridy and I broke up and I have not seen or heard of her since 1968. If anyone knows her or about her, I would love to hear from you or her.
Life has been good to me. Nancy and I will be married 30 years in October. We have two daughters, Laura 21 who recently graduated George Washington U and Jill 18 who will start Penn State at the end of August. I own my own Electrical Engineering Company. In 2001, we were selected by the US SBA as one of the top ten Prime Contractors in America.
With all that has gone on in these past 40 years, I have never forgotten those wonderful times at Shoshana.
Marvin Wurtzelman

Entry of Jul 29, 2002 at 22:42 [EST]
From:Elaine Levy Rubin - dolltwin@aol.com

Elaine Levy Rubin writes: Hi! It's Elaine Levy. My twin sister Ellen and I attended Camp Shoshana from 1967-1970. They were wonderful years. We had a summer house in Monroe and spent our childhood summers up there. Many of our fellow campers were from our community. The Belfers, The Indykes, The Yorks, The Goodman's, The Skwarka's (not sure if I spelled it correctly) and more. All of these people and my summers at camp are thought of often. We still see friends we made so long ago!
I am now living in Merrick Long Island with my 11 year old son Max, and my significant other Michael Schuster and his two children Scott 17 years old, and Renee 14 years old. Michael has the Haagan Daz store in Woodbury Commons almost walking distance from Camp Shoshana. It was one of the reasons I fell in love with him (I'm not sure if I am referring to the free ice cream or the fact it is close to camp!)
Anyway, I look foward to seeing all of you at the reunion, and yes I can identify many of the people in the older photos if you need my help!

Entry of Jul 30, 2002 at 09:15 [EST]
From:Steve Kolodny - sgkolodny@aol.com

Steve Kolodny writes: Ellen Levy sent me a photo of the 1970 Little House - I feel very sure that among these currently nameless kleiner, shaynah punims are people we know. Can you help name the names? CLICK HERE TO GO THERE.


Entry of Jul 30, 2002 at 18:57 [EST]
From:roni - ronihead@yahoo.com

roni writes: yes Tammy my niece now 36 years old with a 9 & 7 year old has the two pony tails (in the 1970 Little House photo mentioned above). I have been showing emotion in happy tears lately, this is all overwhelming for me , I love you all for being part of this. 2 more weeks yeah!!!!!! Roni

Entry of Aug 2, 2002 at 09:58 [EST]
From:Steve Kolodny - sgkolodny@aol.com

Steve Kolodny writes: This website will mark it's first year online on August 4th. One of the goals I had set was to have 100 e-mail addresses posted on the contact page at the end of one year. As of August 2nd, 10AM we have 95!!!! C'mon - please help us get 5 more in the next 2 days so we can hit that century mark going into the reunion.

Entry of Aug 4, 2002 at 00:10 [EST]
From:Fred Jaffe - jaffefregorjaf@aol.com

Fred Jaffe writes: Today I experienced one of those it's a small world situations that some others have written about here in the guestbook, or told me of directly. I deliver Chinese food and Sushi for a restaurant in Westwood, NJ. This afternoon, I delivered to a man named Hal Sokoloff. My uncle had had a friend named Al Sokoloff, who used to live in Monroe. As just a shot in the dark, I asked him he had such a relative, living in Monroe at one time. He said no, but he used to live (or spend summers, I'm not sure which) in Highland Mills. I told him I went to camp in Highland Mills, and he asked which camp. When I told him Shoshana, he was surprised and said he went there too. He invited me in to meet his family, and I told him about the reunion and gave him the website address. He told me he would try to attend. Being from a slightly older group than I, he asked me about Artie Albstein, Ira Hoffer, and The Klausners, all of whom I remember well from the years I was there. Artie, Ira, and Mark (Klausner) were all counselors by the time I arrived at Shoshana and I don't think Hal said he was a counselor there ever, which would be why I don't remember him. (Coincidentally, I noticed that Artie Albstein's E-mail address was just posted on the contact page today. I'm sure Hal will be happy to see that, as well as possibly seeing Artie in person, at the reunion.) It was just a weird coincidence that this happened today, just one week (to the day) before the reunion. See you all in a week!

Entry of Aug 4, 2002 at 09:14 [EST]
From:hal sokoloff - lgmh@aol.com

hal sokoloff writes: memories have faded however still i still remember long ago friends. seeing and talking to old friends would be fun. (does anyone remember "sues garden"?)

We're No Longer Taking New Messages - But Read What's Already Here!

We're No Longer Taking New Messages - But Read What's Already Here!