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Row 3 (top)
L. to R. - Sandy or maybe Richard Something, Sue Rachlin, Harry Rachlin, Richie Rosenblum (maybe).
Boys 'M' '63
Row 2 (middle)
L. to R. - David Storper, and more boychickels to be named later.
Row 1 (bottom)
L. to R. - Sandy Strenger, Bruce Bieber, ? Kramer, Barry Rubel, Noah Clue.

   This is the Boys M group from '63. Thank you David Storper for sharing this photo with us and thanks Sue for helping to fill in the names. Dave writes "I think the counselor in the upper left was Sandy something. I also think that Glen Belfer, Scott Oswald and someone last name Rappaport and another named Oppenheimer were campers with me. Damn that was 40 years ago almost to the day." (August 15, 2003)
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