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Entry of Nov 23, 2001 at 10:13 [EST]
From:Steve Kolodny - sgkolodny@aol.com

Steve Kolodny writes: This starts page 3 of the guestbook -- page 2 filled up very quickly I'm happy to say. Be sure to make an entry every now and again to keep your name near the top.
--- Steve

Entry of Nov 23, 2001 at 22:24 [EST]
From:Amy Weinstock Jasinowski - cjazz8@hotmail.com

Amy Weinstock Jasinowski writes: My memories of camp are mostly of all of you, camping, color war, trying to figure out ways not to go swimming and Steve Kushner threatening to take over the waterfall in a canoe. I can't leave out the square dancing at Bear Mountain. I live in Greensboro, NC (via Richmond,VA, Virginia Beach and Denver) with my husband, Charlie, and two daughters, Alexandra, 14, and Devra, 9. Alex is a competitive figure skater. Most of my life is spent driving her around, starting at 4:30 each morning. Devra does a variety of sports, but loves karate. How long are those old pictures going to stay up?

Entry of Nov 23, 2001 at 22:34 [EST]
From:Ira Hofher - romimoo@aol.com

Ira Hofher writes: I've been checking the Shoshana website every few days, enjoying all the new entries but secretly hoping to see some names from my time at camp, the 60's. It's kind of scary, actually, realizing that the memories recalled have their genesis some 35 years ago. Perhaps some of the friends that I remember are no longer with us..... My daughter attended a sleep-away camp this summer that featured everything from sunfish sailboats to cross-country motorbikes, a working circus trapeze, night-lit tennis courts and horseback riding. Yet as I walked around the grounds during parent camper day, I couldn't help but smile as I realized what those kids were missing: WiffleBall! How many hours we spent playing wiffleball or softball....every once in a while we'd kick a football (the basketball court was not built yet! ), but our days were filled with baseball and swimming in the afternoons(instructional swim in the morning ). And we were never bored! One of my counselors ( I won't give him up here! ) perfected the morning activity. He would take us out to the ballfield, but to the back of the field, away from the road. The group would spilt up to play wiffleball and he would be the official catcher, from his perch on a big 'ol truck tire. When the milk truck came for the residents of the Carmel Park bungalow colony, he would buy a quart of milk and a box of chocolate donuts and would devour same while we played. I remembered these lessons well and put them to good use when I became a counselor years later. When I think of Harry, one of the traits that I recall is what a perfectionist he was. When we went bowling, Harry always brought his own ball and he would bowl with the older boys, exhibiting perfect form as he let the ball go down the alley...make no mistake about it, he didn't want any of us to beat him. Many have commented how he led the Bim Bom ( did I spell that right?) during the Oneg Shabbats....me, I can clearly see Harry demonstrating, pipe in hand, how to sing "For He is an Englishman", as we practiced for the H.M.S. Pinafore. One year we were supposed to do "My Fair Camper", but we were "too cool" or some such garbage and we, that is the TA boys, decided to drop out of the play. There went our trip to a live wrestling match. I usually enjoyed the shows...in fact, I remember getting the opportunity to kiss Julia Markman during South Pacific( hopefully, she has forgotten that unpleasant experience for her! ). I was thinking about something else: for all the years that I was a camper and a counselor, I can't ever remember any kid getting seriously injured. Sure there were trips and falls and cuts and scrapes, but if a kid was hurt and bleeding there was the omnipresent Sue standing at the tops of the steps with her trusty bottle of Hydrogen Peroxide. One spritz, 3 seconds of burning and Poof! you were healed! Amazing! How long ago were these memories? Well, Russia was the big bad enemy, there was no Mets or Beatles, Vietnam was a living horror and the standard tip for a counselor at the end of the summer was a big Ten Dollars!Now where is Arthur Albstein?.........

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Entry of Nov 27, 2001 at 06:59 [EST]
From:Ellen Bochner - Elgebo@aol.com

Ellen Bochner writes: Anyone else ever look back on these Shoshana years from an adult perspective? How lucky were all of us to spend the whole summers up in the country . . . do any of us have the luxury to do the same with our own kids now? Anyone ever try to explain the concept of "bungalow colony" to someone from outside the NY metro area??? Anyone ever think about how utterly bizarre the lifestyle was, of kids and moms all week and weekend dads? These days, weekend parents means something else, huh? Well, I suppose our summer experience was different from our parents' summer experiences, too . . . and our kids will form their bonds and memories in other ways. Sigh . . .just a few early morning musings and ruminations, she said, as she sends off the registration forms for her kids' 5th summer at sleepaway camp (Poyntelle, in case that rings a bell with anyone) . . .

Entry of Nov 28, 2001 at 20:05 [EST]
From:Bruce Richland - RichlandLaw@aol.com

Bruce Richland writes: Uncle Irv, the Little House, Friday Nights and Bim Bom, Color War, the flag pole, the lake (and the bullfrogs), the girls, camping out with Steve Kirshner, how tall Steve Diamond was (is), the girls, Evan's great artwork, arts and crafts, Fiddler on the Roof, Charlie Brown, the girls, Guys and Dolls, did I mention the girls...oh, well, these are only a fraction. More coming back to me.... Hi to all. Get/stay in touch. Bruce

Entry of Nov 28, 2001 at 21:09 [EST]
From:Sue Rachlin. - Susanrachlin@aol.com

Sue Rachlin. writes: Dear Friends: Reading and re-reading your messages on a daily basis rattles my memory and brings into focus so many of the activities you describe. Did we really do all of those things? They must have left some impression on you according to your descriptions. And, of course, your words give me much pause to ruminate on the role that Harry and I played in creating and implementing all of those activities. Some of you have been very liberal with your compliments for which I thank you most warmly. You are all still too young to begin questioning your accomplishments in life since you are still involved in your families and professions. I, on the other hand, have too much time on my hands and spend a bit of it looking back and wondering and then I read your messages and WOW...you make me feel so young and so good and so accomplished. I thank you all for the gift and look forward to the reunion when I can meet you all and thank you in person. Keep it coming!

Entry of Nov 30, 2001 at 00:25 [EST]
From:Ellen Stockwell - EllenStockwell@aol.com

Ellen (Rachlin) Stockwell writes: Everytime I check this contact page, there are more names added. I am happy to see so many of us writing in. I say "us" because we really do all share this bond, to our wonderful memories of camp, to the friends we made there, to our first kiss on the back of the bus at teen night and of my parents, Harry and Sue. December 3rd will be 23 years since my dad passed away. I want to thank you all, from the bottom of my heart for all the great memories of my dad, Harry, that you have so lovingly written about. I wish all of you and yours a happy and healthy holiday season. Love, Ellen (Rachlin) Stockwell

Entry of Dec 5, 2001 at 20:17 [EST]
From:Steve Kolodny - sgkolodny@aol.com

Steve Kolodny writes: I had lunch with Sue, Fred Jaffe, Karen Weissman, Ira Presser, and Debbie Oberlander yesterday. We could have gone on yakking into the next day. Check out the photo on the bottom of the 'see us now' page.

Entry of Dec 5, 2001 at 22:09 [EST]
From:Diane Margolin - dimike1@comcast.net

Diane Margolin writes: For almost a month now I have been visiting this site and reliving camp days with all of you. What a well needed and enjoyable escape it has been. I have told newer friends (say, acquired in the 80's) and my children (acquired in the 90's) about how wonderful our camp experience was and they accuse me of exaggerating. You all validate my memories. Thank you PS, Joy and I wrote the color war song, with some help from Edwin Levy. Sorry Stace.

Entry of Dec 6, 2001 at 01:44 [EST]
From:Steve Kolodny - sgkolodny@aol.com

Steve Kolodny writes: I'd love to get my hands on a Camp Shoshana Indian Headdress or at least a scan of one for the site. Please let me know if you've got one. A Shoshana Shofar would be a cool thing to have on the site too. --Steve

Entry of Dec 10, 2001 at 19:41 [EST]
From:phyllis hofher oliner - jpmeo@aol.com

phyllis hofher oliner writes: is been great reading all your letters and seeing who has shown up from camp days. i have recently found an old friend on line and let her know about the camp site, susan kalish snyder is out there.it would be nice to find more of the girls from sr.girls 71,who would be around my age. i guess im dating myself since im from the older generation.lets look for more older generation campers. keep in touch. phyllis hofher oliner.

Entry of Dec 12, 2001 at 18:00 [EST]
From:Janie Kasner Garnick - jegarnick@aol.com

Janie Kasner Garnick writes: Hi, I am Janie Kasner, I was at Camp Shoshana from 1962 as a junior until 1971, as a counselor of the Inter 1 girls. I remember when we swam in the lake, before the pool was built. I remember when there was no cool room. I remember when you weren't supposed to walk near the house by the road coming from Paradise park, because the lady would get mad at us for walking on her property until it became the arts and crafts building. I found out about this website from Phyllis Hofher, thanks Phyllis for letting my mother know about this. It's wonderful to hear stories from everyone, it's great to share these memories. Looking at the Staff 1971 picture really hit home with me, I have not seen or spoken to so many people that i was friends with for so many years. Steve Lichtman, how the hell are you? Do you keep in touch with Steve Salamon? I remember being a CIT in the Little house with him and Phyllis. We had lots of fun, how could you not with Steve. I live in Manalapan, New Jersey for the last 16 years, I have two children, Kimberly 22 and Justin 19, I am a nurse, married for the past 24 years. Ellen, you look wonderful, I am happy to hear you are doing well. Ellen lived near me for awhile and her son, Adam went to Hebrew school with my son, Justin. Steve Kolodny, I don't know you too well, but your sister, Sharon was my counselor, she was great. It's funny, I still remember everyone's birthday, especially those who had their's in the summer, because I was jealous, like Margie Wolasky, Suzanne Fleishman, that's all I can remember now. I remembers the barn fires at the lake and the cook outs, maybe that's why I am into camping now. Roasting marshmallows, the smell of the fire, the frogs croaking, kissing on the path to Carmel. Not kissing the frogs, of course! That's all from me, will keep in touch.

Entry of Dec 14, 2001 at 21:08 [EST]
From:Andrew Rachlin - pfsmaniac@earthlink.net

Andrew Rachlin writes: I just wanted to wish all the past campers and staff a "Healthy and Happy Holiday Season", May you all kiss and hug your children ,spouses and families as your words have done for mine, With much love ,respect Andrew

Entry of Dec 15, 2001 at 23:25 [EST]
From:Sue Rachlin - Susanrachlin@aol.com

Sue Rachlin writes: Tomorrow is the last night of Hanukkah and as all of you light the eight candles in your menorahs, think about how much light those little flames throw off onto the world. The Jewish people, a small minority of the world's population, have contributed so much in every arena of life...the arts, music, law, education, medicine, science, finance, business, politics, and more to the advancement of the human race. No other ethnic group can safely make that statement and yet, no other group has suffered the hate and jealousy of the world for the past two thousand plus years. I am so proud of all of you for your positive response to this effort to reunite after so many years. I am so moved to read your remembrances of the summers you spent with Harry and me and how some of what you learned and experienced clung to you as you grew and matured. You have brought lots of tears to my eyes, lots of smiles to my lips and lots of joy in my life. When I light my menorah tomorrow night I will be thinking of all of you. Hag sameah! Happy Hanukkah!

Entry of Dec 16, 2001 at 21:37 [EST]
From:Brad Wiener - BDWMD@aol.com

Brad Wiener writes: I first learned about the camp website from Ira Presser (one of my former counselors) when I ran into him at the Monroe Temple. I was thrilled to hear that a reunion was also in the planning. My camp memories are never far from my thoughts for many reasons, not the least of which is that I now live in the area and I have an office in Monroe. My parents still have the same bungalow at colonial cottages as when I was a camper, and each time that I drive by the campgrounds I always think of a new memory: Wiffleball in the front yard; softball at Carmel Park; the arts&crafts house; Bob sherman teaching ALS in the pool; Alan Hecht with big sideburns; making bowling teams with Harry; wondering why we never swam in the lake/pond in the back; road trips to Pizza Hut; borrowing $20 in dimes to pay for Coke in a bottle; and me, Lori Heyman, Karen Sherman, and David Moroknek sitting in the doghouse from "You're a Good Man Charlie Brown" Each trip past the camp brings back a new song from the big house, and I can't believe that I actually moved back to this area to settle down! My wife, Deidre, and I have been married over 10 years and we have two boys, Sam, 3 1/2, and Max, 1 1/2. I'm an orthopaedic surgeon with Catskill Orange Orthopaedics in town, and one of my patients was my fellow camper's mother (Ray O'Brien). The town has changed but the memories will last forever! I look forward to eventually having a reunion and I can't believe that it could be anywhere other that near the camp itself. I hope to hear from some of my fellow campers.

Entry of Dec 17, 2001 at 14:07 [EST]
From:Jyll Sternstein Kronberg - jyllk@powerlist.com

Jyll Sternstein Kronberg writes: I just wanted to write again and tell everyone that I have been thinking of them. I can't believe how much this site has grown since I was first in touch with Steve Kolodny and Ira Presser. I have really enjoyed the songbook (I remember them all!), seeing all of the photos and re-connecting with old friends. I look forward to seeing many of you at the reunion this summer! Thanks to everyone for sharing the "camp" songs as well. It is wonderful to have the words so I can teach them to my daughter. I'm sure she will be sharing them with her friends and campmates this summer - may the traditions live on! I hope everyone had a Happy Hanukkah and has a wonderful and peaceful New Year! --Jyll

Entry of Dec 20, 2001 at 19:04 [EST]
From:phyllis hofher oliner - jpmeo@aol.com

phyllis hofher oliner writes: it was nice finding some more old campers.wanted to wish everyone a happy hanukkah,merry christmas and a safe happy new year.phyllis

Entry of Dec 21, 2001 at 12:49 [EST]


Entry of Dec 21, 2001 at 17:09 [EST]
From:Susan Kalish - SEXISU522

Susan Kalish writes: Warmest greetings of the Season And Every Good Wish For Happiness in the New year

Entry of Dec 23, 2001 at 12:28 [EST]
From:roni goodman - ronihead@aol.com

roni goodman writes: I wanted to say hi to everyone I have missed for so long. I loved going to camp and was sorry when my days were suddenly limited and my family moved to Florida. I see the pictures of people I remember and flip out to see everyone again. I have raised 2 children and found the camp most like Shoshana for them so they could have the same great times I have had. It was my pleasure as an investigator to be able to help Steve find some people and if anyone else knows names or states I can find more people too.I have recently been able to talk to and see old friends and my life is enriched in love and good thoughts. The best part of all is to find others care enough to be part of this site as well especially Sue Rachlin who I am grateful for being able to know her, and now I have found my best friend in the whole world since I am 4 years old Lori York pearce. Happy Holidays to all and stay safe in these changing times Love you all Roni goodman Roose Vogel

Entry of Dec 24, 2001 at 04:43 [EST]
From:Alan Sherman - alnclaire@earthlink.net

Alan Sherman writes: Oh My! Oh My! Oh My! How amazing to see this website. Maybe you can go home after all. Steve, thanks for getting in touch with Bob. I guess I've pretty much "been there" and "done that" in the last 20 years. You would all be amazed at how much I think of Harry, and Sue, and all of you. Though, now that I think of it; maybe you are the only people in the world who would not be amazed. So many memories are flooding back. For now, suffice to say; the absolute best days of my childhood were spent at Camp Shoshana with all of you. I miss Harry, and wish so much that I could sit with him and talk. Or maybe just listen for once!!! I'm searching for the sheet music to "Suppertime." If Sue will play it. I pledge to sing it (with GUSTO) at any, and every reunion. Maybe a duet with whoever played Snoopy in the later production. I'm not sure. Was it Harold? Anyone, and everyone: Please get in touch, and keep in touch. Love to all, Al Sherman

Entry of Dec 24, 2001 at 17:54 [EST]
From:Ellen Stockwell - EllenStockwell@aol.com

Ellen (Rachlin) Stockwell writes: To my Camp Shoshana family, I would like to wish you all a very happy and healthy holiday season. May the New Year bring peace and good health to us all, so we can see one another this summer at our Camp Reunion. Much Love, Ellen

Entry of Dec 25, 2001 at 17:24 [EST]
From:Mindy Schmelzer - mdjkrueger@aol.com

Mindy Schmelzer writes: I was a camper/counselor from about 1964-1973. Together with Stacey Halio, Nadine Grodofsky & Joyce Sobel, we were the four musketeers, determined to beat all of the surrounding camps in our fierce nuke-em games. Stacey, you left out one Shoshana song, "We are The Shoshana Girls." I have many fond memories of camp, including fox & hounds, mud football, walks in the woods, teen nights, nightime swims and later, parties at Walter's house. I am an audiologist, working in the Bronx. In 1983, Nadine Grodofsky introduced me to my husband. We live in Westchester County with our 9 year old son, who will be leaving for sleep-away camp next summer. I remind him of the great memories I have of Shoshana. Hello to all.

Entry of Dec 26, 2001 at 14:48 [EST]
From:Bruce Kimmel - bkimmel@nrldirect.com

Bruce Kimmel writes: Though only involved with Camp Shoshana for the last few years of its existence, I count the memories of those summers among some of my favorite. Harry & Sue always made the staff and campers feel as though they were one big, happy family. I too have settled in Monroe, after moving here with my family during my senior year in high school. Along with my wife Elaine (married in August of 1999), I am currently renovating my parent's old house in Monroe (as they have retired to Florida like all Jewish parents are supposed to). The area certainly has changed over the years, but still holds a lot of the charm you all remember. I occasionally drive past the old Camp Shoshana site and am hit with a bit of nostalgia. I often wonder what has happened to those people I spent those summers with. Where are they now? What are they doing? When Bruce Gafter told me about the site, I just had to check it out and add my thoughts. I run into Brad Weiner and Ira Presser in temple now and then, and would love to hear from some of the other names and faces from my past. I would certainly be interested in attending a reunion. I have been a Vice-President with a direct marketing firm in Cresskill, NJ for the past 12 years. Wishing you all a happy and healthy New Year!!! Bruce Kimmel ('78-'79)

We're No Longer Taking New Messages - But Read What's Already Here!